1. Companies and businesses from the African listed companies are invited to nominate themselves or respected leaders in business.
2. Nominations will be received online via the WABEA website www.wabea.com
3. All documents need to be filled out and supporting documents including the signed rules have to be summited. The WABEA team then confirms the organization’s participation. Online nominations are encouraged with the specific achievements of the nominees included in the submissions.
4. All information summited according to the criteria of the category, will make the nominee eligible as a candidate.
5. Documents will be compiled and summited to the research board and complete evaluation on the information and financial statements. Dossiers are created and summited to the awarding board.
6. Participants will be judged by an independent awarding board, appointed by the chairperson of the awarding board.
7. The awarding board reviews the shortlist, looking at achievements, financial performance and key competitive indicators and then determine the finalists for each category.
8. The finalists are announced on various media platforms
9. The winners will be announced at the gala dinner.
10. The winners of each category will qualify to compete in the Finale’, this event marks the culmination of the 2019 West Africa Business Excellence Awards Winners.
11. The finalist has to be present to accept these awards at the respective award ceremonies.