Whether you are a charity, social enterprise, SME or listed business, the GWABEA are meant for West Africans and international businesses based in West Africa. Entering the awards represents the perfect opportunity to raise your profile and be globally recognized for your innovative approach.
Entering the awards is an excellent opportunity to:
• Gain recognition for your organisation and workers as leaders in business sustainability

• Showcase your achievement with the finalists & winners logos.
Winners and finalists will receive an awards logo so they can update their marketing materials including website, email signature or material.

• Spread the word about your success with your media contacts.
Finalists and winners will receive press release templates to share with their local press contacts. We also share news of our winners and finalists with our media contacts.

• Highlight your organization’s success story through our winners’ case studies through videos.
Those will be promoted on the awards marketing channels and used as practical examples of best practice.

• Join a community of engaged Business leaders to share learnings, insights and best practice.

• Make connections with peers at the invitation-only awards ceremony, which is the ideal setting to engage in thought-provoking conversations around business sustainability.

• Celebrate your team’s success and share learnings and best practices with like-minded Business leaders.

• Stay engaged with the programme throughout the year. Opportunities could include invitations to join the judging panel, become a spokesperson for articles/publications, attend or speak at events.

• Receive valuable feedback and benchmarking from our panel of judges (if shortlisted)

• Gain detailed feedback from your peers.
Feedback will allow finalists to reflect on the way they conduct business and also identify areas for improvements. The judging panel includes learned Business individuals, as well as senior members of the Business community